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If you want to advertise your pony here, please e-mail us. Advertising starts at £5 per listing. All ponies listed must be rasped, wormed, vaccinated, possess a valid passport and be available for vetting upon request.


Arwen Arwen:

Mare, Bay, 7 Years Old, 15.2h

A fantastic horse with a great mouth and moves beautifully. Suitable for all polo riders, easy to ride. Very sweet natured horse. No vices. Played Audi International 24-goal in 2013


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Izzy Izzy:

Mare, Bay, 8 Years Old, 15.2h

A superb mare with a fantastic mouth and handle. Will suit ANY rider, including beginners. Great horse all-round. £10,000

Bunny Bunny:

Mare, Chestnut, 7 Years Old, 15.3h

A very powerful & easy mare with a great mouth. Will suit ANY rider, including beginners. Plays up to 28-goal. No vices. One the best mares we've produced from our yard. £35,000

Carajada Carajada:

Mare, Bay, 22 Years Old, 15.2h

A very easy and honest mare with a great mouth. Direct and neck reins. Will suit ANY rider, especially beginners. Looking for a quiet / semi-retired life. No vices. £1,500

Delfina Delfina:

Mare, Chestnut, 14 Years Old, 15.2h

A powerful horse with a good mouth and excellent handle. Suitable for all polo riders, for slow or fast polo. Sweet natured horse. No vices. £4,000

Naeomi Naeomi:

Mare, Grey, 12 Years Old, 15.1h

A very handy and mare with a great mouth. Suitable for experienced riders only. Small injury on nearside fore. No vices. £3,500

Zafira Zafira:

Mare, Dark Bay, 10 Years Old, 15.2h

A powerful horse, very handy with a fantastic mouth. Quick off the mark and good in ride-off. No vices. £3,000

Jasper Jasper:

Gelding, Chestnut, 6 Years Old, 15.1h

An easy but fast horse with a superb mouth. Will play all levels of polo.

He will suit all polo riders, including beginners. Only windsucks and weaves when stabled. £9,000